Interview with realism tattoo artist Pedro Lopes

a ) How did you get started in Tattooing ?

Answer: I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and I read a lot of tattoo magazines. That’s when i got interested in tattooing

b ) When did you create your first tattoo design ?

Answer: it was symbol called OM

c ) Do you have any artistic training prior to getting into the tattoo business ?

Answer: NO.I just learned by myself. I am a self-taught artist

d ) Where do you get ideas for new tattoo designs ?

 Answer: Studying the works of  other tattoo artists. Social media . reading Art books with realistic painting or illustration books . social media sites  like Pinterest

e )  Who influences you a lot with your current  tattoo style ?

Answer:  Really nobody , but there are some artists  that I like a lot, like AD Pancho. David Vega  or Alexander Suvorov, a Ukrainian artist from Kiev  etc .

f ) How do you see your style evolving ?

Answer: the realism style is becoming more popular. More and more people want more realistic tattoos

g )  What styles of tattooing covers  your current  body of work ?

Answer:  Hyper Realism style