FK Irons (Fallen Kings Irons) was established in 2007 and today is one of the leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art tattoo machines and devices in the world.  Made in the USA, you’ll see many top, international tattoo talents wielding FK Irons’ machines as their first choice.

To earn that respect, the founder, Gaston Siciliano (a design engineer and tattoo artist) works on a daily basis, relentlessly pushing to incorporate advanced technology into our machines to the benefit of the artist. 

Tested by long-time, pro artists, some of the innovations that have proudly been produced in the Miami headquarters include:

JCONLY means “Innovation Only for Tattooing” We believe in tattooing art, and highly respect the soul and work of artists, so that they can be more confidence and show charm of tattoo creation under the most comfortable conditions. We think quality is king and it always shines.


Wipe Outz™ are the tattoo Industry’s first sterilized, prepackaged, tattoo towels. Designed and tested for a better tattoo experience with both the artist and the client in mind. WIPE OUTZ™ is the brainchild of tattoo artist ,Mike DeVries.